4x Spigot Rings Hub Centric Ring FULL SET OF 4 FOUR size to choose from 350+ mm 52.1 54.1 56.1 56.6 57.1 58.1 58.6 59.1 64.1 66.6 72.6

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Verkoper: Top-Rated Seller webauto.lt (1.084) 99.1%, Objectlocatie: Panevezys, LT, Verzending naar: US, Europe, CA, AU, JP, Objectnummer: 261395375639 Spigot Rings Set Of 4 Company: D. Jureviciaus imone, Registration Date: 18/11/1991, Registration Certificate Nr.078520, Company registration number: 147471031, VAT number: LT100001547713 Headquarters address: J. Janonio str. 6, Panevezys, LT-35101, Lithuania Established Since 1991 Spigot Rings / Hub Centric Rings - FULL SET OF (4) FOUR This listing is for a full set of (4) FOUR plastic PC alloy wheel spigot rings for all cars range. We have on stock a full range of sizes as below. Please make message what Dimensions or Code required when you pay. Spigot Rings / Hub Centric Rings - Dimensions: D1(mm) - D2(mm) D1- the diameter of the hole in the alloy wheel. Outside Diameter of the Hub Centric Ring / O'Ring / Spigot Ring (the diameter of the hole in the alloy wheel where you will insert the Hub Centric Rings / O'Rings / Spigot Rings) D2 - the diameter of the center bore size of vehicle hub. Inside Diameter of the Hub Centric Ring / O'Ring / Spigot Ring (the diameter of the hub on which car you wish to use the Hub Centric Rings / O'Rings / Spigot Rings) The Spigot Rings are made from Polycarbonate (PC) Plastics Polycarbonate plastics are among the strongest, toughest, and most rigid thermoplastics. They are resistant to a variety of chemicals. The creep resistance of these plastic materials is among the best for thermoplastics. Pictures Used are for illustration purposes! you will receive different colors rings. Spigot Rings SET OF (4) FOURon stock a full range of sizes as below: 54.1mm - 52.1mm (CR-1076) 56.1mm - 52.1mm (CR-1077) 56.1mm - 54.1mm (CR-1053) 56.6mm - 54.1mm (CR-1056) 57.1mm - 52.1mm (CR-1078) 57.1mm - 54.1mm (CR-1001) 57.1mm - 56.1mm (CR-1064) 58.6mm - 54.1mm (CR-1065) 58.1mm - 54.1mm (CR-1107) 58.6mm - 56.1mm (CR-1066) 58.6mm - 56.6mm (CR-1067) 58.6mm - 57.1mm (CR-1068) 59.1mm - 54.1mm (CR-1101) 60.0mm - 56.6mm (CR-1042) 60.1mm - 52.1mm (CR-1079) 60.1mm - 54.1mm (CR-1002) 60.1mm - 56.1mm (CR-1027) 60.1mm - 56.6mm (CR-1104) 60.1mm - 57.1mm (CR-1003) 60.1mm - 58.1mm (CR-1063) 60.1mm - 58.6mm (CR-1070) 63.3mm - 54.1mm (CR-1043) 63.3mm - 56.1mm (CR-1044) 63.3mm - 56.6mm (CR-1045) 63.3mm - 57.0mm (CR-1004) 63.3mm - 57.1mm (CR-1028) 63.3mm - 58.1mm (CR-1047) 63.3mm - 58.6mm (CR-1071) 63.3mm - 59.1mm (CR-1048) 63.3mm - 60.2mm (CR-1005) 63.4mm - 54.1mm (CR-1038) 64.0mm - 54.1mm (CR-1049) 64.0mm - 56.1mm (CR-1031) 64.0mm - 56.6mm (CR-1046) 64.0mm - 58.1mm (CR-1074) 64.0mm - 58.6mm (CR-1075) 64.0mm - 60.1mm (CR-1006) 64.1mm - 57.1mm (CR-1007) 64.1mm - 59.1mm (CR-1081) 65.0mm - 54.0mm (CR-1008) 65.0mm - 56.6mm (CR-1009) 65.0mm - 57.0mm (CR-1010) 65.0mm - 57.1mm (CR-1029) 65.0mm - 58.1mm (CR-1011) 65.0mm - 58.6mm (CR-1012) 65.0mm - 60.0mm (CR-1030) 65.0mm - 64.1mm (CR-1072) 65.1mm - 56.1mm (CR-1080) 65.1mm - 63.3mm (CR-1032) 66.1mm - 54.1mm (CR-1102) 66.1mm - 56.1mm (CR-1082) 66.1mm - 56.6mm (CR-1106) 66.1mm - 57.1mm (CR-1083) 66.1mm - 58.1mm (CR-1109) 66.1mm - 58.6mm (CR-1110) 66.1mm - 60.1mm (CR-1059) 66.1mm - 63.4mm (CR-1103) 66.1mm - 64.1mm (CR-1069) 66.45mm - 57.1mm (CR-1108) 66.6mm - 54.1mm (CR-1084) 66.6mm - 56.1mm (CR-1085) 66.6mm - 56.6mm (CR-1054) 66.6mm - 57.1mm (CR-1013) 66.6mm - 58.1mm (CR-1086) 66.6mm - 58.6mm (CR-1111) 66.6mm - 59.1mm (CR-1087) 66.6mm - 60.1mm (CR-1088) 66.6mm - 63.3mm (CR-1089) 66.6mm - 64.1mm (CR-1090) 66.6mm - 65.1mm (CR-1091) 67.1mm - 52.1mm (CR-1057) 67.1mm - 54.1mm (CR-1014) 67.1mm - 56.1mm (CR-1015) 67.1mm - 56.6mm (CR-1016) 67.1mm - 57.1mm (CR-1017) 67.1mm - 58.1mm (CR-1018) 67.1mm - 58.6mm (CR-1055) 67.1mm - 59.1mm (CR-1039) 67.1mm - 60.1mm (CR-1019) 67.1mm - 63.3mm (CR-1105) 67.1mm - 63.4mm (CR-1020) 67.1mm - 64.1mm (CR-1021) 67.1mm - 65.0mm (CR-1040) 67.1mm - 66.0mm (CR-1050) 68.0mm - 56.6mm (CR-1060) 68.0mm - 57.1mm (CR-1061) 68.0mm - 60.1mm (CR-1062) 68.1mm - 54.1mm (CR-1092) 68.1mm - 56.1mm (CR-1093) 68.1mm - 58.1mm (CR-1094) 68.1mm - 59.1mm (CR-1095) 68.1mm - 63.4mm (CR-1096) 68.1mm - 64.1mm (CR-1097) 68.1mm - 65.1mm (CR-1098) 68.1mm - 66.1mm (CR-1099) 68.1mm - 66.6mm (CR-1100) 69.1mm - 54.1mm (CR-1022) 69.1mm - 56.1mm (CR-1023) 69.1mm - 56.6mm (CR-1033) 69.1mm - 57.1mm (CR-1024) 69.1mm - 58.1mm (CR-1034) 69.1mm - 58.6mm (CR-1058) 69.1mm - 59.1mm (CR-1051) 69.1mm - 60.1mm (CR-1035) 69.1mm - 63.3mm (CR-1025) 69.1mm - 64.1mm (CR-1036) 69.1mm - 65.1mm (CR-1041) 69.1mm - 66.1mm (CR-1026) 69.1mm - 66.6mm (CR-1052) 69.1mm - 67.1mm (CR-1037) 70.0mm - 56.6mm (CR-1230) 70.0mm - 57.1mm (CR-1201) 70.0mm - 58.6mm (CR-1202) 70.0mm - 60.0mm (CR-1203) 70.0mm - 63.3mm (CR-1204) 70.0mm - 65.0mm (CR-1205) 70.0mm - 66.1mm (CR-1206) 70.0mm - 66.6mm (CR-1207) 70.0mm - 67.1mm (CR-1208) 70.1mm - 54.1mm (CR-1231) 70.1mm - 56.1mm (CR-1234) 70.1mm - 57.1mm (CR-1240) 70.1mm - 58.1mm (CR-1237) 70.1mm - 59.1mm (CR-1239) 70.1mm - 60.1mm (CR-1228) 70.1mm - 63.4mm (CR-1214) 70.1mm - 64.0mm (CR-1218) 70.1mm - 64.1mm (CR-1222) 70.1mm - 65.0mm (CR-1209) 70.1mm - 66.0mm (CR-1210) 70.1mm - 66.6mm (CR-1226) 70.1mm - 67.1mm (CR-1213) 70.4mm - 54.1mm (CR-1241) 70.4mm - 56.1mm (CR-1242) 70.4mm - 56.6mm (CR-1215) 70.4mm - 57.1mm (CR-1216) 70.4mm - 60.1mm (CR-1217) 70.4mm - 63.4mm (CR-1243) 70.4mm - 65.1mm (CR-1244) 70.4mm - 66.6mm (CR-1245) 70.6mm - 57.1mm (CR-1246) 71.1mm - 65.1mm (CR-1248) 71.5mm - 60.0mm (CR-1211) 71.5mm - 66.5mm (CR-1212) 71.5mm - 67.1mm (CR-1227) 71.6mm - 54.1mm (CR-1229) 71.6mm - 56.0mm (CR-1219) 71.6mm - 56.6mm (CR-1247) 71.6mm - 57.1mm (CR-1221) 71.6mm - 58.6mm (CR-1232) 71.6mm - 60.1mm (CR-1223) 71.6mm - 63.4mm (CR-1233) 71.6mm - 64.1mm (CR-1224) 71.6mm - 65.1mm (CR-1235) 71.6mm - 66.1mm (CR-1225) 71.6mm - 66.6mm (CR-1238) 71.6mm - 67.1mm (CR-1220) 71.6mm - 70.1mm (CR-1236) 72.0mm - 52.1mm (CR-1355) 72.0mm - 54.0mm (CR-1312) 72.0mm - 56.1mm (CR-1313) 72.0mm - 56.6mm (CR-1322) 72.0mm - 57.1mm (CR-1301) 72.0mm - 58.1mm (CR-1350) 72.0mm - 58.6mm (CR-1319) 72.0mm - 59.1mm (CR-1353) 72.0mm - 59.6mm (CR-1354) 72.0mm - 60.1mm (CR-1323) 72.0mm - 63.4mm (CR-1314) 72.0mm - 64.1mm (CR-1316) 72.0mm - 65.1mm (CR-1351) 72.0mm - 66.1mm (CR-1317) 72.0mm - 66.6mm (CR-1324) 72.0mm - 67.1mm (CR-1315) 72.3mm - 57.1mm (CR-1326) 72.3mm - 60.1mm (CR-1327) 72.3mm - 64.1mm (CR-1333) 72.3mm - 66.5mm (CR-1334) 72.3mm - 66.6mm (CR-1328) 72.3mm - 67.1mm (CR-1329) 72.3mm - 70.1mm (CR-1330) 72.5mm - 56.6mm (CR-1356) 72.5mm - 57.1mm (CR-1357) 72.5mm - 58.1mm (CR-1358) 72.5mm - 58.6mm (CR-1359) 72.5mm - 59.1mm (CR-1360) 72.5mm - 59.6mm (CR-1361) 72.5mm - 60.1mm (CR-1362) 72.5mm - 63.4mm (CR-1363) 72.5mm - 64.1mm (CR-1364) 72.5mm - 65.1mm (CR-1365) 72.5mm - 66.1mm (CR-1366) 72.5mm - 66.6mm (CR-1367) 72.5mm - 67.1mm (CR-1368) 72.5mm - 69.1mm (CR-1369) 72.5mm - 70.1mm (CR-1370) 72.5mm - 70.5mm (CR-1371) 72.6mm - 54.1mm (CR-1352) 72.6mm - 56.1mm (CR-1318) 72.6mm - 56.6mm (CR-1325) 72.6mm - 57.1mm (CR-1302) 72.6mm - 58.1mm (CR-1306) 72.6mm - 58.6mm (CR-1307) 72.6mm - 59.1mm (CR-1320) 72.6mm - 60.1mm (CR-1305) 72.6mm - 63.3mm (CR-1310) 72.6mm - 64.1mm (CR-1311) 72.6mm - 65.1mm (CR-1303) 72.6mm - 66.1mm (CR-1308) 72.6mm - 66.5mm (CR-1304) 72.6mm - 67.1mm (CR-1309) 72.6mm - 70.1mm (CR-1321) 72.6mm - 71.1mm (CR-1372) 72.6mm - 71.6mm (CR-1373) 73.1mm - 54.1mm (CR-1401) 73.1mm - 56.1mm (CR-1402) 73.1mm - 56.6mm (CR-1403) 73.1mm - 57.1mm (CR-1404) 73.1mm - 58.1mm (CR-1405) 73.1mm - 58.6mm (CR-1464) 73.1mm - 59.1mm (CR-1415) 73.1mm - 59.6mm (CR-1437) 73.1mm - 60.1mm (CR-1406) 73.1mm - 63.3mm (CR-1407) 73.1mm - 63.4mm (CR-1479) 73.1mm - 64.1mm (CR-1408) 73.1mm - 65.1mm (CR-1409) 73.1mm - 66.1mm (CR-1410) 73.1mm - 66.5mm (CR-1423) 73.1mm - 66.6mm (CR-1411) 73.1mm - 67.1mm (CR-1412) 73.1mm - 69.1mm (CR-1424) 73.1mm - 70.0mm (CR-1417) 73.1mm - 70.2mm (CR-1422) 73.1mm - 70.6mm (CR-1448) 73.1mm - 71.1mm (CR-1438) 73.1mm - 71.6mm (CR-1416) 73.1mm - 72.0mm (CR-1480) 74.1mm - 54.1mm (CR-1467) 74.1mm - 56.1mm (CR-1468) 74.1mm - 56.6mm (CR-1469) 74.1mm - 57.1mm (CR-1418) 74.1mm - 58.1mm (CR-1470) 74.1mm - 59.1mm (CR-1471) 74.1mm - 60.1mm (CR-1425) 74.1mm - 63.3mm (CR-1426) 74.1mm - 64.1mm (CR-1449) 74.1mm - 65.1mm (CR-1413) 74.1mm - 66.1mm (CR-1419) 74.1mm - 66.6mm (CR-1420) 74.1mm - 67.1mm (CR-1421) 74.1mm - 70.1mm (CR-1472) 74.1mm - 71.6mm (CR-1443) 74.1mm - 72.6mm (CR-1414) 74.1mm - 73.1mm (CR-1476) 75.0mm - 54.1mm (CR-1450) 75.0mm - 56.1mm (CR-1451) 75.0mm - 56.6mm (CR-1444) 75.0mm - 57.1mm (CR-1427) 75.0mm - 58.1mm (CR-1452) 75.0mm - 58.6mm (CR-1453) 75.0mm - 60.1mm (CR-1428) 75.0mm - 65.0mm (CR-1439) 75.0mm - 66.1mm (CR-1460) 75.0mm - 66.6mm (CR-1429) 75.0mm - 67.1mm (CR-1430) 75.0mm - 70.1mm (CR-1463) 75.1mm - 63.4mm (CR-1447) 75.1mm - 71.2mm (CR-1454) 75.1mm - 72.6mm (CR-1477) 75.6mm - 66.6mm (CR-1465) 75.6mm - 67.1mm (CR-1466) 76.0mm - 54.1mm (CR-1473) 76.0mm - 56.1mm (CR-1455) 76.0mm - 56.6mm (CR-1456) 76.0mm - 57.1mm (CR-1431) 76.0mm - 58.1mm (CR-1474) 76.0mm - 59.1mm (CR-1475) 76.0mm - 59.6mm (CR-1461) 76.0mm - 60.1mm (CR-1432) 76.0mm - 63.4mm (CR-1457) 76.0mm - 64.0mm (CR-1445) 76.0mm - 65.1mm (CR-1440) 76.0mm - 66.1mm (CR-1446) 76.0mm - 66.6mm (CR-1433) 76.0mm - 67.1mm (CR-1434) 76.0mm - 69.1mm (CR-1458) 76.0mm - 70.0mm (CR-1459) 76.0mm - 70.6mm (CR-1441) 76.0mm - 71.6mm (CR-1442) 76.0mm - 72.6mm (CR-1435) 76.0mm - 74.1mm (CR-1436) Please make message what Dimensions or Code required when you pay. All Auction and 'Buy It Now' prices include VAT at the current applicable rate (VAT number: LT100001547713) Vat invoices are available on request. If you require a VAT receipt please email and we will email you one. We accept PayPal payment as it gives you the greatest protection. If you are unable to do checkout with PayPal, we will provide a bank transfer option. Please contact us for details. We kindly ask for payment to be made within 48 hours after the end of auction, if this is not possible then please contact us as soon as possible. We can extend the payment period under certain circumstances. In some cases it may be easier for us to cancel the transaction mutually, and you can purchase at a later date. After we receive buyer’s payment, we will post his or her items at least in 24 hours Monday-Friday, purchases made on Friday thru to Sunday will be sent on Monday. 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When you make a purchase with us, feedback will be automatically left for you within 24 hours. We kindly request that all customers contact us and allow 48 hours before leaving negative feedback if they have any problems with the product or service. This gives us a chance to put things right should there be any problems. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products If you e-mail us during business hours, we will usually respond within an hour or two. If it’s not during business hours, you should receive a response in the first working hour of the following business day. No email will be replied during weekends and holidays Registration Date: 18/11/1991 Registration Certificate Nr.078520 Company registration number: 147471031 VAT number: LT100001547713 The owner / Darius Jurevicius Established Since 1991 Company: D. Jureviciaus imone Headquarters address: J. Janonio str. 6, Panevezys, LT-35101, Lithuania Thank you very much for your visit!!! Welcome to purchase! Copyright © 2012 WEBAUTO.LT Condition: New, Country/Region of Manufacture: Lithuania, Manufacturer Part Number: CR-1001-1500, Brand: spigot rings, Type: Spigot rings

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